About Artsee Spree


Artsee Spree is an invitation to play and commune with the spiritual world of magical feminine beings.  Fairies, angles, mermaids foster a remembering and reverence of our inner child and an acknowledgement of her magical nature.  The affirmation and transformation these characters evoke in my pieces put a spell on you because their magic communes with yours.


Our inner child has many faces for its internal aspects of our selves.  We have often neglected, avoided, hidden these tender energies. My art speaks their unspoken words to remind them of their magical potential.  This type of magic appears when these forgotten selves become visible in my work. Visibility and vulnerability are universal challenges that many of us hide from.   By making the hidden selves visible as characters our beauty and tenderness is encouraged.


The characters I express become friends to my young customers.  Each character has her own personality, magic and charm.  Your children are never alone or lonely because they have my magical infused character products. These friends can heal aloneness, insecurity, boredom and inspire playful magic that encourage joy, creativity and happiness.  They embody and confirm the natural magic of young girls just be the presence they offer in my pieces.  I inspire a rich full life where daughters embrace all aspects of themselves – no matter how sensitive, unique or misunderstood they are.

Perhaps your inner child is still hiding somewhere within you.  Listen for the voices in my work. The faceless characters are open reflections of you. Allow yourself to perceive the characters that desire to offer you friendship, assurance, confirmation and an magical opening to your full self.  They are created out of divine love for you.  These products are infused with transformation, life and magic.  My work offers a message of awakening – to the truth of your being – where you embody your innocence as the catalyst for soul full living.  This especially comes through for your girls.  However, this then empowers my you to embrace your original being and be true to yourself.

Artsee Spree makes you see the art of you!