About Ulyth

About Ulyth

Hello Lovely! My name is Ulyth.  I am so honored that you have discovered my work.  I have been an artist all my life.   At a very young age, I would retreat into quite places to discover and express myself through drawing and doodles. Art became my solace – a space to discover and express who I was on the outside of my being:  an avenue to speak the silence – stepping from the invisible to the visible.

I believe we are creators of our lives – and our stories are pieces of art.  I choose to explore the subtle nuances of being in my work and I inspire you to embrace the unheard voices and unseen selves in yours:  the inner child and her posse of magical beings:  fairies, angels, mermaids.

Though an introverted child, I had the opportunity to travel the world and this opened me up to the awareness of different cultures.

I was born with a rebellious nature and didn’t quite fit in.  This inspired me to experiment with the contradictions of stereotypes.   There is an insatiable desire to embrace polar opposites in my art – the various aspects of our selves that may be in contradiction to each other.  Shadows, light, the invisible becoming visible, colors, moods, emotional resolution – all are at play in my art. I believe we have a social responsibility to offer new, healthier possibilities that ignite self love and compassion. As I captivate a sense of wholeness in my work and inspire you to love and live – to discover and express all aspects of self.

Completely contradictory to the artist stereotype – I have a career as in finance which provides me with a balance of both worlds.  Having more than one self – the banking world – and the artist – creates a unique dance with aspects of my self.  This career has provided me with a foundation to build my life upon and the inspiration to express all aspects of self.

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