I started working with canvas pages when I was accepting on a design team and had the pleasure of creating videos for a Youtube channel. I felt liberated! All I have to do is create a video (easier said than done) each month showing my process. There are so many possibilities and ways to express what I feel in any given moment, it really is a gift.

Canvas PageI loved some of these pieces so much I had them printed onto throws, scarves and wraps.

Love all the texture











Here’s the lovely sheer wrap I had this piece printed on. Its dreamy! I am working on getting more items printed using a Canadian based company. Lots of goodies to come.

Kimono II

So each month I create a Youtube video to show my process in creating abstract art, I detail my supplies, how to use various mediums and products as well as fit in as much of play time as possible.

Design Team 2017-1028

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